The WomenVote scorecard is live

We have called time on last-minute policy releases and the leaders’ declarations of love for the women in their lives. With an appropriate level of pride we have released our Scorecard for the 2019 Federal Election. The analysis is hopefully self explanatory but bear...

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WomenVote and regional Australia

In other news we went on our first official fact finding mission to regional Australia, and it was a terrific visit. Last week, WomenVote's Vanessa Whittaker, Maria O’Brien and Rosie Connolly visited Armidale, in the seat of New England. We met so many great people in...

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The current state of gender equality in Australia is grim

It is clear that public discussion about these issues is not a political priority for our elected representatives. It is rare for any of this work to be referenced in public debate. Worse, many of our (male) political representatives seem to be in complete public denial about the fact that many significant policies affect women and men in different ways.

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WomenVote – What we intend to do

Women of all political flavours are tired of the status quo. They’re angry about legislatures that don’t reflect them, and policies that don’t address the issues that matter to them. And as the #metoo movement has shown, they’re ready to express their views now,...

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The Mary Lee Project

Send us your suggestions of Australian women who should be memorialized, and together, we can start a movement to recognise and commemorate these women and their achievements. Learn more about Mary Lee