We have called time on last-minute policy releases and the leaders’ declarations of love for the women in their lives.

With an appropriate level of pride we have released our Scorecard for the 2019 Federal Election.

The analysis is hopefully self explanatory but bear in mind that we have assessed the parties’ published policies they are taking to this election on what we identify as the five key priority issues of concern to women:

  • Representation of women in public and private sectors
  • Women’s workforce participation
  • Women’s financial security
  • Violence against women
  • Women’s health and reproductive rights

The main scorecard is a summary ‘ready reckoner’, and the following pages provide the basis for those conclusions. We have footnoted and hyperlinked the sources – so you can easily dive deeper. Click here to explore how the parties fare on policy issues that matter to women.

We formed WomenVote to raise awareness and to encourage policy debate about these important issues in this election. Our polling showed that this is what the electorate wanted to see. The parties have engaged throughout their campaigns, to varying degrees, about many of these areas (more so than we have previously seen in our adult lives) and we hope that our efforts contributed to that.

Thank you again for your support: WomenVote has connected us with a sensational cohort of women, and we have so enjoyed meeting you all. It has cemented our view that issues affecting women are of deep concern to women whatever their political affiliation and wherever they live.

We hope your election night is a good one.

Sera, Maria, Vanessa

PS. We were on ABC’s The Drum to talk about our Scorecard. You can catch up here – Vanessa is on from 43 minutes. We then had to do a bit of clarifying for our friend Barnaby Joyce….

PPS. We’ve posted the Scorecard to our Facebook page, we’d love for you to share it far and wide.